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    Technically, the first business Richard Greenwood had was a Grit paper route back in 1974 in Rich ton, Ms.  He got up early every morning, and rode through town delivering papers on his bicycle.  He bought his bike from Western Auto with money he earned from picking up pop bottles. In 1993,  Rich decided to try his hand again in the field of entrepreneurial trade, and opened a summertime Borden's Ice Cream Shop in the small town of Petal, Mississippi. It was an instant success, and in the first year he and his wife, were able to organize an Ice Cream Festival. The Festival was a lot of fun, with entertainment, prizes and tons of Ice Cream! Their summertime shop fast became the local hangout for neighborhood kids. Their daughter was only three at the time; their son was one, but both children took their position in the family business seriously  - they always went the extra mile to taste test every single flavor! Rich wanted to make their shop even more of a "happy" atmosphere for children so, he bought a Purple Dino mascot suit. Petal kids went wild with excitement! Back then, Rich worked full time for Borden's, but even in the hot summer heat of Mississippi he would devote his weekends to personally entertaining each child that walked into their business. Pretty soon, he was being asked to make a special appearance at children's birthday parties.  His wife, having been a summer camp counselor for many years and a local children's program director - chose some tracks of music, and choreographed dance routines for the two to perform. The birthday party entertainers took off like a rocket! As their entertainment business grew, Rich took a leap of faith and invested in an authentic Batman Costume from DC Comic's. The couple stayed booked most of the year with weekend birthday parties, business grand openings, mall events and casinos.

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    In 1996,  Rich opened FINS Airbrush & Art Design.  Rich had won awards for his art in High School, and had earned a partial scholarship to Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) his senior year. His pastel piece (Shades of Green) won him First Place and a prestigious placement in the Mississippi Museum of Art. Although he wasn't financially able to attend SCAD (his father had passed away when Rich was 16), he worked hard to save up, worked two jobs, and taught himself how to airbrush.  “I talked the manager of K-Mart into letting me set up for one weekend.  I was so busy that first day; she saw the potential and I was in business.  It was scary, but I practiced and practiced my handwriting and became a pretty good airbrush artist.”  Finally, the day came that he was able to quit his other jobs and work full time at Fins.  “It felt great, but it wasn’t always easy.  I was young and had to learn business the hard way.  K-Mart was great for a while, and we expanded by adding computers and printers.  We’d touch up photo’s, put pictures on T-shirts, mugs - for a while we were doing great.  Then K-Mart starting closing stores.  I thought I’d move to the mall to get more traffic and that’s when it was rough! Any business owner knows, you may be making X a month, but paying high mall rent, supplies, inventory, employees - the list goes on until you’re left with less than a 1/3 of what you earned to pay your personal bills.  I was taught a lot of painful lessons about business.  Everyone around you either thinks you're rolling in the dough or they're telling you to cut your losses and go get a job - it can get pretty stressful.”  

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    Rich Greenwood had up and down success with Fins, but in the year 2000 he was offered a position in New York City within the jewelry industry.  His wife encouraged him to accept the offer, and he apprehensively left his small Southern town for the big metropolitan city.  The urbane lifestyle changed the couple and their two children forever.  Rich was given a priceless education concerning business, and at times he painfully realized how limited his views were.  He was a fast learner and a hard worker; within a month he held the honor of Number One Salesman for Bernstein Promotions throughout the USA. By the time Rich returned to Mississippi, he was greatly enlightened.  He invested in a Reverse Bungee Jump idea he’d had, formed the The Richard H Greenwood Corporation (RHGC); moved back to his place of birth in Baton Rouge, La - and went into manufacturing Reverse Bungee Jump machines.

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    In 2000,  we became a US American Manufacturing Corporation specializing in medium to the high volume production of our RHGC award winning designed - REVERSE BUNGEE JUMP MACHINES. Making sure that the sport of Reverse Bungee Jumping is safe is what RHGC takes very seriously; we are active members of ASTM. RHGC, nor any of our clients, have ever had an accident or insurance claim - we build the best, sell to the best, provide the absolute most in-depth training, and have excellent customer service. Fly by night manufacturers, who want to make a quick buck and haven't taken the time to actually make certain that their product is safe and secure, are a dime a dozen. Our corporation has researched countless machines on the market, and we've designed a state of the art Bungee Jump System with a Murphy's Law mentality.  

    Sure, you can find a less expensive machine than ours but we use only the best materials in every machine.  Our machines are built to last.  A prominent Pennsylvania State Inspector said it best when he told Rich Greenwood, "RHGC machines are built like machinery from the 19th century - with integrity; quality materials, and to last." We can say, without a doubt that our machines are the absolute best on the market. Every disastrous case scenario has long been taken into consideration, and dealt with by a team of engineers before any of our machines are put into production. We know what's out there, and we can stand with great confidence behind all of our RHGC manufactured goods. Our impeccable business reputation speaks for itself. We can provide outstanding bank references with a banking institution that we've been doing business with for over 28 years. We have an outstanding business history with many top US and International companies that are faithful to us, and we to them - providing a worldwide partnership of community service. Our Greenwood Sports Division supplies specially designed equipment for rehabilitation centers, professional athletes and gyms world wide. Our Greenwood Entertainment Division provides Reverse Bungee Jump entertainment for corporate events, mall shopping centers, and inner city youth projects.


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    The Royal Bee Luxuries company was started by the Greenwood Family in 2014. The Greenwood’s are a family of four comprised of Richard “Rich” Greenwood, his wife Brenhda “Bren”, daughter Brihdet “Bri” and son Andru. Bri had the initial business concept because she wanted to make extra money by providing a Louisiana-based gift shop filled with luxuries from around the world in one convenient on-line place. Because of the strong Celtic French heritage on both sides of the family - they came up with the name Royal Bee. Initially, the on-line shop dealt with mainly gift boxes filled with Rich artisanal chocolates made from the famous Criollo chocolate bean, and luxurious facial oils: Baobab Oil, Maracuja Oil; Marula and Squalane Oil. They also had a coffee body scrub, a Greenwood blend of coffee, lavender flowers, a chocolate scented candle, and gray coffee cups. Rich made the wooden gift boxes out of recycled wood, Bren, Andru and Bri painted them in playful Alice in Wonderland colorful designs and handmade the beeswax candles. Royal Bee Luxuries met with some success, but in 2015 a new concept naturally emerged. Andru was filming on the set of Pitch Perfect 2 - when he discovered that the local filming studio needed a bakery truck to supply film crews and actors with delicious food on site. Hollywood South was growing, and the family decided to give it a go - naming the new business Royal Bee Bakery.


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Greenwood Entertainment: If  you weigh 20lbs to 200lbs, our RHGC REVERSE BUNGEE JUMP MACHINES can have you flying through the air like a super hero. With a comfortable harness system, our highly trained and friendly staff will lock you in, help you onto the RAVE bongo, winch you up with our state of the art smooth motors, and all you have to do is effortlessly jump into the air and have an exhilarating time. Not only is this jump highly entertaining it is also a fun way to get into great shape. Normal jump times are four minutes. Documented research has proven that just two minutes of robust jumping and flipping on a RHGC REVERSE BUNGEE JUMP MACHINE, for an average person weighing over 85lbs, is the equivalent to working out in an average gym setting for an hour. With our jumping system, you are working the heart, abdominals, legs, arms and glutes. It is an all over workout that is super fun.

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Acceptance Mark
Red Bungee - 10lb. $9.50 per bungee

Green Bungee - 20lb. $9.00 per bungee

Black Bungee - 40lb. $13.00 per bungee

KM III Static Kernmantle Rescue Rope 3/8" $2.50 per ft.
(1ft. - 1200ft.)

Auto-Lock Carabiner $16.95

Rotator Round Swivel $55.00

Petzl FIXE Side Pulley Black $29.95

1.5" Swivel Pulley $75.00

3/16" - 1/4" Coated Wire Rope Cable 15' & 8" with thimble and two sleeves $39.50
($2.50 per ft.)

3/8" x 6" Carbon Steel Jaw & Jaw Turnbuckle


1/2" Zinc Quick Link $4.95

3/8" Zinc Quick Link $3.95

3/8" Zinc Spring Snap Link $3.95

1/2" x 5/8" Galvanized Eye Nut $9.95

Rope Thimble for 7/16" and 1/2" Diameter Rope $2.95

Rave Sports O-Zone 9' Water Bouncer $299.95

Rave Sports Bongo 10' Inflatable Water Trampoline $699.95


The men who have succeeded are men who have chosen one line and stuck to it.

a. carnegie


Entrepreneurs always search for change and respond to it as an opportunity.



If there is anything a man can do well, I say let him do it. Give him a chance.




Our corporation specializes in having a staff of highly trained and professional individuals. Our reputation is built on pleasing our customers. In an age where friendly and helpful personnel are few and far between, RHGC demands caring employees. We have a reputation for hiring individuals from the educational and professional establishments.

Full Time Positions: If you are a highly motivated and professional individual who would love a career that includes traveling throughout the US (and certain European countries), then contact us via email. If we have positions available, we will notify you promptly for an interview.

Part Time Positions: If you are a teacher or professional who needs extra income (and you love the laughter of children),you are the person RHGC is looking for. We perform extensive background checks on all staff to insure we have the highest degree of safety, and upscale personnel working with the youth of our cities.

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NEW PICTURES. Blue Bell Corporate Employee Event, Sealy, Texas

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Blue Bell Corporate Employee Event, Sealy, Texas


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